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panchakarma near me

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Patrapinda Swedana Preparation:

• No specific preparation is required for the patient.

This procedure could also be performed at any time of the day depending upon the need.

• The herbal leaves are cut into small pieces and then taken in a vessel of the round bottom. Medicated oil is added to this mixture. With continuous stirring, the leaves are then fried to make it plain.

• These fried leaves are used for the preparation of Pinda.

• In a vessel, oil is taken and is heated. These herbal leaves pinda are placed in the oil and moved continuously during the oil. Now the packs are ready for use in the sudation procedure.

• This pinda sweda maybe should be performed in Sitting Position or lying down position.

After Patra Pottali Sweda:
• After the Therapy patient is asked to take rest in a chair for a while, about 15 minutes.

. Then the patient is asked to take a bath and to get a refresh.

Any tiredness experienced during the swedana procedure will end soon after the hot water bath.

• For cleaning the oil in the body, the use of toilet soap should be discouraged.

Ayurvedic ubtan or Bengal gram flour may be comfortably used to make the skin oil-free.